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Bobcat Diagnoser User Guide

Updated: Sep 13

Many of you had been asking for a diagnostic tool that did not require bluetooth pairing and now here it is - The Bobcat Diagnoser allows you to get detailed information of your hotspot by simply entering the miner's IP address in your web browser.

While a key feature of this diagnoser is that it does not require bluetooth, it is a local diagnoser, meaning that you be on the same LAN as the hotspot to access the web interface. The hotspot must be online to access the diagnoser, as the page will not load if your hotspot is offline. Lastly, while the diagnoser can be viewed using any browser, we recommend you use either Firefox or Chrome as they make JSON files very easy to read.

What Exactly Does this Diagnoser Do?

Along with simplifying the process for checking Bobcat's firmware delivery, this diagnoser will consolidate valuable insights and key data related to your miner without requiring you to input a single query or having extensive coding knowledge. In accessing this diagnostic tool you will be able to:

  1. Prevent Hotspot Overheating w/ Alert Features

  2. Check Real Time Miner Syncing Information

  3. View Your Hotspot's Current Helium and Bobcat Firmwares

  4. Identify Miner Issues (e.g. Miner Not Starting)

  5. Reboot/Reset/Resync/Fast Synce your hotspot

Understanding the Diagnoser Menu


  1. There are 2 temperature points on the CPU

  2. If the temperature is above 65°C , the diagnoser will show an ‘alert’ by changing the color of the temperature menu in the label.

  • Red = Above 70°C | Yellow = Between 65°C and 70°C | White = Below 65°C)

Sync Status (new feature added on 9/2/2021)

  1. Green = Synced. Gap is smaller than 10 blocks

  2. Yellow = Syncing. Gap is between 10 - 10,000 blocks

  3. Red = Syncing. More than 10,000 blocks behind

  4. This reflects the miner's real-time syncing status and will therefore not always match what you see on the helium app, as the latter is often delayed.

  5. Selecting this menu item allows you to see the miner's height and blockchain height. A fully synced miner will have a miner height that is larger than the blockchain height.

Miner (5s, Miner Slow Down)

This section takes around 5 seconds to load. Do not keep clicking if it’s loading, or the page will not load; Do not check this repeatedly, as it will slow down your miner

Most important info in this section:

  • "miner_alert": - shows the miner (aka the docker process) has started; if instead, you see ‘red alert’ as below, it means the docker process has not started for some reason.

  • "ota_version": "" - Shows the Bobcat Firmware Version; Check here to check against the latest firmware updates.

  • "Image": "...2021.08.2.0_GA" - shows the Helium Firmware Version

  • "height": [ "24246 947944",] - The first number is the election epoch and the second number is the block height of your miner. You just need to pay attention to the second number. You will be able to tell the true syncing status of your miner by checking this number against the block height number

  • nat_type - If this shows anything other than ‘none’, your hotspot may be relayed. Check here to see how you can remove the relay status.

Explorer, Onboarding, and Helium API

These are shortcut links to the Helium explorer page, the dewi onboarding API information, and the Helium API page for your hotspot.

Blockchain Height

Provides the true helium blockchain Height number.

Net Speed (30s, miner slow down)

You can test your network speed by selecting this menu item. The test takes about 30 seconds to complete and you should not test it repeatedly. Doing so will slow down your internet speed, which in turn will slow down your miner.

Reboot (new feature added on 8/28/2021)

  1. This feature power cycles the miner without physically having to unplug and plug the miner back to power.

  2. The hotspot LED will turn red once it starts rebooting.

  3. Using this feature will require that you input the username (bobcat) and password (miner).

Fast Sync (new feature added on 9/10/2021)

This is an alpha feature that gives healthy miners a sync boost, so they can quickly catch up to the top of the blockchain from the block they are syncing at.

IMPORTANT: this feature will NOT work for healthy miners whose gap to the blockchain is smaller than 400 blocks.

Resync Miner (feature updated on 9/10/2021)

This action deletes the blockchain data. It does not, however, delete the helium software. Your miner will start syncing from 0.

Reset Miner (new feature added on 9/10/2021)

Consider this a system wide wipe over. This action deletes both the blockchain data and the helium software. Your miner will reload everything and start syncing from 0.

Must Read: How to Use Fast Sync, Resync Miner, and Reset Miner

Consider the reset, resync and fast sync features in this order: prescription medicine, OTC (over the counter) medicine, and supplement. The first two treat symptoms and the last one only boosts the immune system. Resync will reload the snapshot, while the Reset feature will not only do the resync but will also rebuild the docker.

You should always try the resync feature first. If the system notification shows the resync was successful, you can then follow up with a Fast Sync to boost syncing speed.

If the system notification shows the resync failed, then opt to utilize the reset miner option instead. You can still follow up with a fast sync once the reset is successful.

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