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Fridays = Shipping News!

We know you've been waiting all week, so here is the latest on Batch 6! Order numbers being fulfilled include #14261 - #115043. These were placed between 4/4-4/11. Expect to receive tracking by the end of next week!

We've listened to customer feedback and have officially relaunched our store to feature Coinbase at checkout. Purchase with greater confidence and enjoy a more streamlined process!

Step by Step Instructions

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Did your miner have 0 Beacons and No Witnesses?

Our latest OTA Update resolved this issue! The update was done automatically. No need to send back any hardware. We will continue to monitor this closely.


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We're excited to introduce Nik "the Gristle King" Hawks. Nik makes valuable educational content on The People's Network and recently presented his work alongside Helium in an episode of the Uplink. Make sure to check out his unique uses cases and resources on his consulting page.

Also, don't miss out on his review of our bobcat miner, where he also links off to an article that discusses everything you need to know about antenna placement.