Bobcat Delivers Thousands of Helium Miners and Expands LoRaWAN Network Deployments

March 31, 2021

BEIJING, CHINA - March 31, 2021 - Today, Bobcat will begin shipping its first batch of 2000 HNT miners to customers in China. These orders were received during the first week of February as part of a pre-launch sales campaign. This delivery kickoff marks an important milestone in The People’s Network and sets Bobcat off to a great start with their customers, who will receive their miners earlier than the projected lead time of 8-weeks. 


"We are excited to have Bobcat as a major supplier of 3rd-party HNT miners to drive the growth of The People's Network," said Frank Mong, COO at Helium. "Bobcat is the first Helium-compatible mining gateway for the China market and will enable the cities to become smarter and more connected."

Bobcat Banner Image.png

Bobcat’s features include 4dBi antenna, built-in 64GB eMMC memory flash and Rockchip quad-core processor. Fully compatible with the LongFi architecture and LoRaWAN protocol, Bobcat’s miners let the owners simultaneously mine cryptocurrency and provide a wireless IoT network, creating new opportunities for both consumers and businesses.


“The tedious task of mining cryptocurrency presents a prime opportunity to showcase the high-performing capabilities of LoRAWAN,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president of IoT for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “Our solution collaboration with Helium and Bobcat expands the deployment of the LoRaWAN network to more miners in China to witness tangible results of their efforts.”


About Bobcat Miner 

Bobcat is an IoT product and service provider for decentralized network users. Powered by China’s leading LPWAN technology company and crypto VC, Bobcat combines the best of both worlds to offer its customers the optimal IoT and mining experience. The engineering team at Bobcat consists of seasoned industry veterans from tech, R&D and manufacturing companies such as Ericsson, IBM, Foxconn, and so on. The team’s rich and extensive experience in Internet of Things, product design, and manufacturing quality control ensures Bobcat Miner 300 is a craft of premium quality.