Bobcat Miner OTA Update - Fixing the 0 Beacon Issue

Bobcat has released an OTA (Over the Air) update to address the 0 beacon issue experienced by some deployed miners. Within hours of the update, miners previously with 0 beacons started to show valid witnesses, and we believe these miners will start to get beacon results in the coming days.

The Gristle King Reviews the Bobcat Miner

A few months ago, Ann at Bobcat reached out to see if I’d like a hotspot for review. She’d read the Rough Guide To Hotspot Optimization article and liked it. She thought it might be useful to get a Bobcat hotspot into my hands ahead of the wave of normal production. I thought so too. I don’t think she expected me to do anything other than plug it in and earn HNT and talk about it, but…that’s not what I did.

Bobcat Takes Action to Protect Customers, Crackdown Scam Websites

In recent weeks, we were alerted of several phishing sites that were misleading customers into purchasing miners at discounted costs through landing pages that closely resembled

Bobcat Is Ahead of Schedule as it's Set to Deliver Miners to North America, Europe, and China

In addition to delivering its second batch of orders to China, Bobcat will begin shipping its first batch of orders to North America and Europe. A total of 2000 units for all three regions have already rolled off the production line and ready to be shipped across the world.

Bobcat Delivers Thousands of Helium Miners and Expands LoRaWAN Network Deployments

Today, Bobcat will begin shipping its first batch of 2000 HNT miners to customers in China. These orders were received during the first week of February as part of a pre-launch sales campaign.

Partnership with Helium

HBTC has reached the strategic partnership with Helium for an exclusive pre-sale of Bobcat Miner.

Accelerating Network Growth with Three New Hotspot Manufacturers

New mining hardware is now available for order as we welcome three new third-party manufacturers to The People’s Network following the approval of HIP 19.