United States

Application Engineer


What you will do

  • Work with the US team across software, hardware and platform development issues.

  • Participate in software building, testing, and deployment. 

  • Create internal technical/educational documentation for purposes such as support training 

Who you are

Candidate should have experience in at least ONE of the fields below:

  • IoT, Hardware, Blockchain, Networking, Software, OS

Candidate should have experience in using at least ONE type of cloud:

  • AWS, Aliyun, GCP, OCI, Azure, Heroku, etc

Candidate has programming language experience below are preferred:

  • Golang, Erlang, C, Javascript, SQL, Shell, Rust

At least 2 years working experience in engineering or in a developer role for IoT or wireless router products.

Remote restrictions

Work day will consist of hours on Pacific Time Zone.

To Apply

All applicants are required to send a copy of their resume and a short introduction of themselves to 

Subject Line: Position | Full-time/Part-time | Current Location

Make sure to include your discord name for some bonus points!